I loved recording this with my sister and Breathwork teacher Berenice. 

Join us for an uplifting conversation with lots of laughter as we delve into how and why breathwork is so powerful for healing and transformation.

Ber turned childhood trauma into a global mission to empower coaches to heal their communities at scale. She works with established coaches and visionaries to use breath as a vehicle to scale down time, energy and effort, while levelling up their authentic expression and amplifying their impact!

Over 12 months, she built a national phenomenon, Karmably and founded Soulside Breathwork Facilitator Training for the modern world. She is on a mission to empower everyone she meets to connect with their inner wisdom, harness their power and live the life they were BORN to live!

Come listen as we jam up a storm during this uplifting conversation that will leave you filled with so much inspiration, you will want to dive deep into the breath even more!

Learn more about Leisa and her services here: https://www.leisanadler.com/

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