Join me and my sister as we journey into the hidden truth and depths of Astrology and tie it all up in a bow with human design and Gene Keys. All three are linked in the most beautiful, powerful way to understand the essence of one true self. THE POWER OF THREE!

Sarah is a Love Alchemist and Transformational Soul Guide. She and her daughter Monet co-founded Poes for Peace and the Sacred Soul Ministry Trust to actively cultivate Peace through both the inner world and outer world. Together, they guide experiences and work one on one with individuals and families to support the transformational work of coming home to your True Self through reconnecting with your heart and Soul. Sarah and Monet use many methods to walk you home, from astrology and Human Design to the Gene Keys and intuitive art and movement. Sarah is excited to reawaken the ancient wisdom of Astrosophy which uses the stars in alignment with Sophia Christ. Together we rise in LOVE!

Join us as we unravel it ALL!

This is the end of season three. Set your alarm for 15th November when the new powerful season four is released, following Leisa’s medicine women journey and apprenticeship. Season four will be super juicy and awakening✨


Learn more about Leisa and her services here:

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